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Pretty boy Floyd His picture was seen everywhere with the word wanted written across it. Charles Floyd was known as Pretty Boy Floyd,"Robin Hood of the Cookson Hills","Phantom of the Ozarks",and Choc Floyd. He was famous for robbing banks, killing someone, and taking part in the Kansas City Massacre (“Charles). Originally he was a farmer, but turned to a life of crime after the dust bowl hit. When the dust bowl hit it pushed many farmers into a state of dirt poor poverty. For him the situation was so dreadful that he became a criminal in order to escape it. As a result, he went to prison for robbing a kroger store payroll delivery. Once he was out of prison, he continued to rob banks, this time with some fellow prison mates he met while incarcerated. …show more content…

That man’s was Erv Kelly, a bounty hunter that used to be the sheriff of McIntosh County, Oklahoma (Pretty). On april 7, 1932 Floyd went thinking that he was meeting with his family instead he was met with a semi automatic being pointed at him so of course he opens fire because he was being held at gunpoint and he does not want to be captured. when the shooting had ended, he had killed Erv, but he was not left unscathed. In fact he was hit by four bullets that struck him in the leg and groin. Many people justified Floyd killing Erv as self defense. While there is proof of Floyd murdering only one person, he has been thought of as the killer of the person accused of the murder of his father even though the man was acquitted of the crime. There is no evidence that Floyd killed him it is just speculation. He is also was allegedly involved in the …show more content…

Numerous people also believe that he, most likely ,was not present when it happened, but because of his reputation he was connected to the event (Pretty). He eventually became "Public Enemy No. 1," after the death of Dillinger and had a bounty of 23,000 dollars for Floyd “dead or alive” (“Charles). He went into hiding under an alias because of the allegation of his participation in the massacre, but was eventually caught. When the police caught him in a field a fight broke out. He was eventually wounded and he died, but not before saying, "I'm done for; you've hit me twice." which are his last words (“Charles). Even though Floyd was a criminal he was still popular and well liked among multiple people, which was evident at his funeral when over a thousand people

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