Pretty Lady Character Analysis

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What genre is the musical?
42nd street is a musical about a musical. It is a comedy that focuses on what happens on stage and off.
When and where is it set?
The musical is set in 1933 in New York City. Most scenes are on the stage that ‘Pretty Lady’ is being performed on as well as backstage.
What is the musical about?
The main character is a young dancer with her sights set on performing on Broadway. Peggy Sawyer is a tap dancer from Pennsylvania who moves to New York in 1933 to try and get her first role. Peggy wants a part in the musical ‘Pretty Lady’ but is late for the auditions. After being sent away for not being on time Peggy doesn’t give up and is still able to wow director Julian Marsh. The rehearsals for the musical don’t go smoothly
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She has yet to land any big roles but is looking to eventually become a leading dancer. She is hoping to be a part of ‘Pretty Lady’ and becomes part of the chorus. The main part is played by Dorothy Marsh and while rehearsing together she shows her obvious dislike of Peggy. Dorothy is in love with Denning who Peggy keeps being found alone with. Dorothy is injured during the previews and the whole cast is devastated as there was no understudy. Peggy is suggested to take her place. As Peggy is new to New York and young she is quite naïve about how everything works backstage to begin with. Peggy is clearly very talented but is still humble. At the start of the play, Peggy is almost the opposite of Dorothy who is selfish and a diva. When designing Peggy’s costume I have to keep in mind that she will be tap dancing. This means that her costume shouldn’t be too long or heavy as that could possibly interfere with her dancing. Peggy is supposed to be the lead at the end of the play meaning that she needs to standout in a crowded stage. Peggy’s costume also shouldn’t be too over the top as her character is supposed to be humble and

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