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Spencer Hastings: She comes from a very wealthy family who pressures her to be theperfectionist she is. She is very strong as smart but will not back down to anyone who is tryingto hurt her or her friends. Spencer is an overachiever and very competitive because she loves tobe number one. Spencer is also dating Toby.
Aria Montgomery: She started off the series as a tomboy but changed into a girly-girl after theirfriend Alison went missing. She is very artistic, caring, and also very smart. Her family is goingthrough a divorce and she tries everything to keep them together. During the seasons she wasdating Ezra who ended up being her English teacher.
Hanna Marin: She had the nickname of “hefty
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It is said that telling the whole truth may jeopardize you, the other person, andthe relationship. This is true because in season one Alison and Aria catch Aria’s dadhaving an affair with another woman. Now that they knew the truth about her dad theyhad the choice of keeping silent so her mom does not get hurt about her husband havingan affair.2) Lying: The text states that lying is a breach of ethics. It also talks about the “benevolentlie” which is as unmalicious, or even helpful, to the person to whom it is told. This dramashow has millions of lies within it. In season 2 Aria realizes she wants to be with Ezraeven though he is her teacher. They keep this a secret because they do not want anyoneelse to know about their inappropriate relationship. She tries her hardest to keep this liefrom her family because she knows how disappointed they would have been with her.3) Equivocating: The text defines this as the third approach. This is when you don’t want totell an unpleasant truth, or lie rather than not telling the whole truth or lying. An exampleof this is when Hanna was entering into a talent show to try and get some money for herand her mom. During the scene the dance instructor that was helping Hanna knew shewasn’t a good dancer. This is when she saw Emily dancing and tried having Emily giveHanna pointers on her dancing. When Emily was dancing the dance instructor was

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