Pretty Little Liars Research Paper

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I was around eight or seven when I first heard the word “dyke,” My mom said it. I don’t remember why she said it, but I do remember being curious about it, I never heard that word before and when I asked her about it she just changed the subject, but that didn’t stop me. Later I grabbed a dictionary and looked it up and that led to me learning a lot of different things. I had a limited understanding of the information that was presented to me since I was so young, but I remember my take away being this, “What was the big deal?” I went to a private Lutheran school through elementary and was taught that love was love, much later I would realize that they were only talking about love between a man and a woman. My early learning experiences with sexuality were not the best and going to a Lutheran school did not help. Since we were kids, they never talked to us about relationships outside the traditional man and women but that was the problem, no one would talk about it. The only reference I had back then was the phrase “a man shall lie with another man.” Though my religion didn’t agree with different sexuality, it taught me to be kind to others, not to judge, respect, and many other things that helped shape who I am today. Just because I didn’t…show more content…
After that I finally understood what my friends were talking about, but instead of boys it was girls and that scared the hell out of me. Ages thirteen through sixteen were tough, I was angry, confused, scared and at times even hated myself. My family and friends noticed the change, but I didn’t want to talk about it, I didn’t even understand what was happening with me. I was always a huge bookworm and reading was my escape, one day I was in the city library and stumbled across Annie on My
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