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How would you feel if your identity was stolen and then your money was too? What if you were accused of something that you never remembered doing? This happened to me and my family a couple years ago when a Russian hacker hacked into our account and purchased $25,000 in goods. Would you like this to happen to your family too? Probably not, right. Well, guess what? You can stop identity theft by using new technology and taking your own simple steps to avoid identity theft. Obviously, Identity theft is a major threat that people need to be aware of to reduce the number of victims.
Your identity can be stolen in many different ways. The most common type of identity theft is application fraud. This occurs when a thief creates a new
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The most common sign is when a debt collector contacts you about unpaid bills that are not yours. Another common one is when you start seeing withdrawals from your bank account that you did not make and cannot explain. A scary way to find out you have been hacked is when the IRS notifies you that more than one tax return was filed in your name, or that you have income from an employer you don’t work for. Also keep an eye on your credit score because if it suddenly goes down, this could mean there is an account in your name that you do not know about that is negatively affecting your credit.
Identity theft is a big problem that people need to be more aware of so they can take steps to protect themselves. There are many different ways that your identity can be stolen and most people will never see it coming. Remember when you are setting up your accounts always use complex passwords and never give your Social Security Number(SSN) to anyone you do not know. If it gets out it is bad news for you. Take identity theft seriously and pay attention to what you are doing and all the signs. If you think that you cannot get hacked, well, think again. Nobody is

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