Preventing Homelessness In Canada

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Many people believe that it is not easy for homeless people to restart their lives and have a job. Because homeless people may have drug or alcohol problems, which make it very difficult to have a long-term job. As a result, they cannot makes enough income to support themselves. Homelessness is a very serious complex issue to which there are no simple solutions. Moreover, the young adults have the highest risk of becoming homeless in today word (Paulsen, 2007). Youth without shelter organization states, the City of Toronto have the largest homeless population in Canada. According to youth without shelter organization, 28% of homeless people in Toronto are youth. Therefore, training young workers is a solution that can be implement in order…show more content…
According to Paulsen (2007), among all young adults who are recently discharged from institutions such as jail or foster care have the highest risk of becoming homeless because they usually do not have even the basic employment skills that need to have a long-term job. For that, having such training programs that train those youth before becoming homeless is very important because they are the future. The training programs should be focuses on construction and related trades. Besides, those training programs help to enhance the employability of youth, which have many benefits that can be obvious, like incomes improvement, stable housing, and meet their special…show more content…
Some people believe that trading fairs for the homeless is more important than training young workers programs. The point of this objection focusing in going to the streets and ask homeless people why they are living on the street in order to figure out the reasons why. Then use this data to solve homeless problems. This may be a good solution; however, trade fairs for the homeless is the starting stage that usually used to collect data in terms of providing solutions for homeless people. In addition, this solution in aiming to avoid homeless in the future, which is the same aim of the young adults training

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