Preventing School Shooting Essay

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The carnage at Columbine alarmed hundreds of schools across the nation and influenced schools safety practices greatly. In this present era, school shootings appear to be becoming normality in America. After the shooting, schools both locally and internationally have significantly increased their security procedures. There are many different upgrades that schools have implemented to help prevent further tragedies; metal detectors are used to detect weaponry on-hand as well as security cameras on site all around the building – inside and out. These methods also include dress codes, security/police officials and ID room cards, the latter being implemented on my campus. If one were to access the necessity of metal detectors, it would come with…show more content…
The policy states that if an individual were to be in possession of or use drugs, alcohol or potential weapons – regardless of accidents, that person will be punished accordingly. Even though the zero-tolerance policy sounds clever on paper, there has been a ton of controversy on the matter. There have been many overreactions; students have been suspended and even expelled for being in possession of nail clippers and a butter knife. Suspending a student for a butter knife in his/her lunchbox who doesn’t have a violent or troubled past is ludicrous. There is also no concrete evidence that proves this policy works at preventing school shootings and violence in general. In fact, it appears to do the opposite, “Rather than reducing the likelihood of disruption, however, school suspension in general appears to predict higher future rates of misbehaviour and suspension among those students who are suspended” (American Psychological Association 2008) Even with all these various prevention tactics, school security feels the same. There are still multiple school shootings every year across America and there isn’t anything being done about
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