Prevention And Suicide: The Effects Of Suicide And Depression Prevention

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Jenna Robbins
Mrs. Gallos
English 3 Honors
29 March 2018
Suicide and Depression Prevention Suicide and depression in general is a huge ongrowing issue in society today. “The statistics for suicide are frightening. According to the WHO, more than 800,000 people commit suicide every year, with perhaps 20 times that number attempting suicide” (Suicide; how can we prevent suicide, 2015). Suicide is not a joke in society today. There are tons of bullies and other conflicts that lead people into feelings of depression. Simple conversations like telling someone to go kill themselves can be a huge trigger towards people. However, suicide can be preventable through recognizing the warning signs before it progresses into something more. Sometimes it
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“The effects of depression may include school problems, running away, drug and alcohol abuse, low self-esteem, Internet addiction, reckless behavior and violence” (Parents must watch, 2013). Throughout all the stress that a teenager may encounter they may also turn to not so great substances such as drugs and alcohol. These substances can be highly addictive and one is very likely to abuse these substances. People may turn to these because they think that the substances will relieve and ease their pain. However, they do just the opposite. The substances will send someone into a much more painful state of feeling. Underage drinking is one substance a lot of teenagers turn to. “Underage drinking, something that typically goes hand-in-hand with suicide, is done by at least 22 percent of youth in Buchanan County, with the average person taking his or her first drink at age 12” (Impact Forum Held On Teen Suicide, 2018). Underage drinking can lead to a really unhealthy lifestyle for teenagers that can be hard to overcome. Once one starts an unhealthy lifestyle with themselves it may become very addictive and the substance will become a need that you must have everyday. Drugs and alcohol will also kill your body.
A very important solution to preventing and fixing the problem of teen suicide and depression is to recognize the warnings signs. It takes a strong effort from peers, friends, and family
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Whether it is simply talking and listening to them or if it means they need to go to a hospital to be monitored at times. If the person has already attempted suicide and the case is more serious they need to be monitored. The person primarily needs to just talk to someone they trust. More ways for people to help is hosting small social groups that are judgement and hate free. These groups should be safe environments for people to express their feelings. There is also World Suicide Prevention Day. WSPD is held on September 10 and it is a great way for people to recognize what exactly suicide is and how to prevent it. It is also a day for teenagers to come out to someone as a call out for help. "Our major focus this year on World Suicide Prevention Day is that it only takes a minute to change a life. By raising awareness and informing the public that everyone can do something to prevent suicide, we hope to increase the chances of saving our loved ones" (Take 5 to save lives,

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