Prevention Is Better Than The Cure Essay

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'Prevention is better than the cure' - Desiderius Erasmus.
The risk of infection is all around us. As professionals we must follow certain guidelines to reduce the risk or cross contamination. We are under high risk of coming into contact with infections so preventions are in place to keep a safe environment for all staff and patients. All risks must be managed quickly to maintain the health of the patients and all who enter the veterinary practice.

Firstly, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is specialised clothing that should be worn at all appropriate times, these include gloves, gowns, aprons, hats, shoe covers, face shields, masks and goggles.
Gowns should be worn at all times within the practice to prevent contamination from personal
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They should be removed promptly after use and disposed of correctly. They do not provide complete protection from contamination, therefore hand hygiene is essential after removal.
Goggles and/or face shields should be worn whenever you are likely to be exposed to sprays, e.g. dentistry, flushing wounds, etc.
Footwear must be closed toe with thick soles, waterproof and easy to clean. Disposable shoe covers must be worn if infectious materials are expected to be on the floor to prevent contaminating any other areas.

Secondly, and just as importantly, cleaning and disinfecting must be done regularly. They are two different tasks. cleaning is the removal of visible matter with detergent whereas disinfection uses chemicals to kill remaining bacteria that cleaning cannot remove.

Sterilisation is key also, using chemicals or extreme heat to destroy all micro organisms and viruses. All surgical instruments and consulting room instruments must be sterilised in between every use to prevent cross contamination.
Things that must be cleaned include; surfaces, floors, equipment, usually multiple times a

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