Preventive Service Reflection

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Revisit your video created in Module I. Discuss your presentation and give at least one area you will improve and one strength highlighted by your peers. Give peer feedback to at least one individual. My video discussion was focused on the preventive services under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, federal policy entitled 45 CFR Part 147, Section 147.130 Coverage of Certain Preventive Services under the Affordable Care Act; enacted 03/23/2010. Discuss – Overall, this speech was challenging from start to finish. Developing a concise and compelling speech was not an easy task. I recorded it so many times by the time I was finished with the speech I felt extremely tired. In the end of this assignment, I felt confident about the subject content and how I delivered my message. Area of improvement – An area of improvement is to be able to record a speech like this in a smaller time-period. This assignment forced me to practice my public speaking abilities and I found out that I was not very efficient in taking hours to record a three-minute speech. Another area that I can improve upon is too look more relaxed while giving a public speech. One strength highlighted by…show more content…
You were professionally dressed, well-spoken, and delivered a well-written speech with great eye contact. In addition, you placed yourself in a relevant setting that was directly related to your scholarly project about preventing childhood obesity. I am not sure on how many hours it took you to develop your speech and that may be an area of improvement in becoming more efficient with your time. Another suggestion if you able to deliver this type of speech on a podium or in front of faculty members and parents in a school setting. This suggestion is really not an improvement in your speech, but more of a challenge in delivering your next speech. I look forward to watching your next speech. I am confident that it will be great to
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