Prewriting Techniques Research Paper

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Prewriting technique: Questioning 1. How does a person acquire a personal identity? 2. What are appropriate norms, values, behavior, and social skills for us to be accepted in our society? 3. How are different gender roles discriminated in American society? 4. Why do we have specific acceptable ways of behaving? 5. What are the consequences of having social discipline forced upon us? 6. How can social expectations change our own perspective of ourselves? 7. Who has a harder role in life, male or females? American Socialization Despite our physical appearance and cultural values, there are other aspects of our lives that can pattern an individual’s lifestyle based on their gender. There has always been a significant difference between men and women. Due to our human anatomy we are expected to follow particular rules and behaviors that determine our social acceptance. I believe that most of us have been influenced since a very young age by the…show more content…
It could be the way we feel, think, or act in a specific situation. The reason behind this is due to the fact that we are all different and we don’t all have the same level of acceptance towards others. Therefore, we all tend to criticize based on our own opinions. This brings me to the conclusion that our American socialization has been established upon our sense of judgment. Over the years, it has been proven that society has been harder on women than men, especially in America. Compared to men, women feel a greater need of being superficial. As a result, they give great importance to their physical image rather than their own health. Many women face the challenge of finding ways to show beauty to the world just because they focused on feeling accepted. When in reality, they should be more concerned about improving their unconditional self-acceptance. Again, this has been occurring because of the ideas our society has created and influenced upon
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