Price Gouging In Florida's Hurricane Charley

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According to Michael Sandal, price gouging exists when companies raise the price for necessities during times of disaster. He provides Florida’s “Hurricane Charley” as one example, reflecting a time when people suffered immensely (Sandal, p.3). Essentially, he critiques the custom of charging customers an unreasonable price for necessary items at vulnerable moments as unfair and arbitrary, depending on which side of the fence you are on. He argues that although the implementation of price gouging laws cannot altogether end the greed involved in extorting higher prices, they can serve to control consumer abuse and indicate society’s displeasure of such practices (Sandal, p.8). Clearly, these companies have little moral consideration or obligation. Undeniably, companies and their managers believe that it’s satisfactory to take advantage of situations where people are in dire need of assistance to net big profits.…show more content…
In examining the aspect of price gouging, he further argues that greed plays a significant role in supporting the practice of price gouging as the rich become richer. He posits virtue as a response and alternative to price gouging from two standpoints: (1) that we (society in general) are furious when people receive things they are not deserving of, and (2) that greedy people who capitalize on humans that are helpless and take advantage of their circumstances should be penalized and should not be compensated (Sandal, p.9). In essence, the best possible solution would be the endorsement of a society that is fair and that provides virtue and social justice for its

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