Pricewaterhouse Cooper's Case Study

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Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s is the largest professional services firm in Ireland. It currently has offices in 157 countries and employs more than 197,000 people worldwide; making it one of the largest employers in the world. PWC Ireland currently employ 2,800 people with 8 offices in Ireland (including Northern Ireland). They offer services across audit, tax and advisory. PwC strive to practice good ethics and excellence in their services every day. They recognise that as an organization; they have a wider responsibility and work hard outside the office to make ethical decisions based on these responsibilities. They follow a code of conduct (see below) on a daily basis when doing business for their clients, each other and the communities in…show more content…
Clients are more likely to be attracted to a firm that acts responsibly. There is an increasing rise in the amount of consumers that don’t accept unethical business practice. As a firm; PwC never stand still in this area which has led to numerous benefits: • Improved Financial Performance: The positive practice of good CSR activity has been proven to increase shareholder value and also improves operating/financial performance over a long term basis. Good CSR improves morale within any firm and in turn increases production. • Reputation and Company Image: Companies like PwC that have created good business practice in a distinctive way; find themselves gaining a positive reputation with the public and the business community. This in turn leads to an increase in capital and trading partners. • Employee Attraction and Loyalty: Companies with good CSR find it easier to employ and retain employees. This reduces the cost of training for the firm • Company Oversight: Best business practice results in less public scrutiny, fewer inspections and preference when applying for operating permits. • Access to Capital: Active CSR results in increased access to capital which may not have been otherwise available. By maintaining positive CSR, PwC can avail of this

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