Pride And Prejudice: A Short Story

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Aaron, bewildered, looked at the dead maple tree. During the fall, it had tilted slightly to the right and crashed into the side of the mansion He looks up and down the sides of the tree. There is a small opening at the top, few dead branches blocked off a larger part of the hole. But he could get through the hole if he was careful. He slowly started to crawl up the side of the maple tree. Halfway up the tree, Aaron looked up towards the hole. He didn't like the height at all. He swallowed, and he continued up till he reached the first branches. They were very thick. Giving Aaron enough support to stand up and walk. It was a hassle getting through, but, he made it through to the hole. He jumped down on the wooden floor. Landing on all four,…show more content…
An icing of dusted had covered the books and shelves. The damp smell grew stronger the closer he got to the books. Aaron slanted his head to get a better look at the titles. Some of the titles read as Pride and Prejudice, Tale of Two cities, and Dead Souls, all of them were in hardcover; unfortunately, the covers had been victim to time. Out of curiosity, Aaron grabbed the book, Tale of Two cities, off the shelves; The pages fell out of the book and hit the floor. A damp dust cloud spread out, swirling around Aaron. He started to cough, rather violently. Quickly he fumbled backward trying to escape the cloud of dust. The cloud dispersed to the wind. Still coughing, it had calmed down as he could breathe more normally. He looked back at the floor the book had fallen down. The pages are now laying all over the floor, with the cover lying over them. Aaron gave off a small sigh of disappointment, soon as it came out, he started to caught…show more content…
There are two more doors. He checks his handheld 67% battery life left. He turns his head rapidly towards both doors. Uncertainly he picks the door on his left. The door opens slowly, it turned inwards, and Aarons leans forward with the handheld held in front of him. The light hits frames of a kingsized bed, giving of a shadow behind it. Aaron gave off a gleeful smile, as he enters the room. Turning the handheld around the room. The room is larger than the library. There are two windows located on each side of the bed, both are boarded up. There is an old makeup table right in front of him. The mirror is cracked and some pieces have fallen down on the table and floor. There are two old Victorian dressing dresses at the opposite side of the room. One of the dresses doors have fallen off, and with is top of the door balancing on the bed frame. inside the dresser is some old woman dresses. Aaron walks over to the broken dresser and looks inside. The clothes have been chewed up, probably some rodent that has made this mansion their home. He takes out one of the dresses and it tears apart as he does so. He shakes his

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