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In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Mr. Collins’ marriage proposal to Elizabeth Bennet is instigated by society’s impetus for him to do so. Irony and satire are weaved within the proposal, ridiculing the litany of reasons given of why such an action is prompted because superficial reasons are presented as the basis of Mr. Collins’ rationale. Austen satirizes Mr. Collins’ approach of his proposal to Elizabeth. He dons on a pompous attitude as he immediately commences by declaring “[his] reasons for marrying are” such and such. He depicts himself like a businessman bearing his contract that stipulates all his conditions concerning his intended marriage to Elizabeth. His first reason is “to set the example of matrimony in his parish.” With…show more content…
Collins’ justifications is tailored to specifically to his liking and disregards Elizabeth’s feelings on a matter that would greatly impact her future as an individual; he spared minimal attention to her sentiments for it is his happiness that matters and/or is prioritized compared to Elizabeth’s. Moreover, because of his selection of the word “convinced,” it seems as if that he has undergone a great deal of persuasion that proposing marriage to Elizabeth is an act to be executed, which also subtly suggests that he was, to a certain degree, averse to do so in the first place since he has to be…show more content…
Collins’ proposal engenders Elizabeth’s character development. Readers witness Elizabeth’s opposition to the cultural norm; she is unwilling to adhere to the values other women in the era cling to and deem as gospel. In this passage, Elizabeth openly defies the idea of following society’s norms. She stands her ground and will marry for love only and not for financial securities or for an elevation of her status. She is not willing to simply be seen as an extension of another, such as being the wife of a clergy and simply making him look more favorable in public. Elizabeth will not waver in her

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