Short Summary Of Pride And Prejudice

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Introduction: The story is about the Pride and Prejudice. The center of the story is focusing in Bennet’s family particularly Elizabeth. There’s a man that have a large fortune its Mr. Bingley and Mrs. Bennet sees a potential to marry one of their daughters and its Jane. Darcy is near friend of Mr. Bingley and he got admired in Elizabeth. There is news that a rich gentleman named Mr. Bingley has been sold the manor known as Nether field Park. This single man wanted a wife. When Mrs. Bennet heard the news he decide to marry one of their five unmarried daughters, Mrs. Bennet thinking that, that man is planning to become a husband of her daughters. She sees Bingley’s a potential opportunity for one of the girls to become a rich and she therefore…show more content…
He will be happy if she will accept his proposal to marry with him. Their feelings had changed and Elizabeth accepted that she is wrong because she judge Darcy. They became husband and wife, from now on they are living in Pemberely after one year of living in Netherfield, While Jane and Bingley forward to a place that near in Pemberely and they live so happily Analysis Weaknesses: a lot of Character, it so messy. It shows that the one of the character glowing in wealth. The antagonist is annoying me, and also it makes me mad because the story is based on how the people judge the person without knowing the real personality. They are judging by the looks of everyone. Strenght: It so very nice and strange and it is stimulating the attention of the readers. It shows that Pride is a very common faults that almost everyone prone to it because it’s a human nature. There is a lot of moral and good lesson. Conclusion: For me the lesson that I learned is do not judge the person by the looks and do not underestimate someone of their skills because every individual is gifted with a different skills and if you really love someone, show him/her, tell him/her and fight for him/her, don’t ever swallow your Pride so that in the end you will not regret and do not let the Pride be in
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