Critical Analysis Of Shakespeare's Sister

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Criticism: A Way to Get What is Deserved Society is a fluid meaning that it has no fixed shape and takes the form of whatever container it is put into. The only way that this is possible is through criticism; when people in a society are unhappy about their situation, they work together to change the shape. But why go through the trouble of reshaping society? Generally, people who are under-represented, lack social and/or economic status, or are in other ways unequal from the rest of the society’s population, feel very motivated to criticise the society in hopes of bringing about change. Rather than simply accepting a second-class position in society, oppressed members speak up in hopes that others will hear their pleas and call for change.…show more content…
Not too long ago women were scolded for reading and involving themselves in any scholarly endeavors. Unlike men, women were expected to stay at home with the children, cook, clean, and sew. They were not allowed to follow their dreams. Virginia Woolf’s essay “Shakespeare's Sister” tells the story of Shakespeare’s imaginary sister, Judith. Judith has all the same talents and aspirations as Shakespeare, but she has not the means and opportunities to be the fantastic playwright and household name that her brother is. Judith’s story ends in an unhappy marriage and eventual death, while Shakespeare’s ends in fame and fortune. In Woolf’s essay it is made clear to the reader it was the bias of the society that made it impossible for a woman to have created work similar to the level of Shakespeare, not their lack of…show more content…
A more modern example of how wealth inequality is a factor that leads to people criticising their society is the inequality of wealth. In the United States the national minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Many society members who work essential jobs (that just happen to be minimum wage) are unhappy with their salary, claiming that it is not a livable wage. There have been countless protests and articles written about raising the minimum wage, and states have listened. Most states have a minimum wage higher than the national minimum. New York is on track to having its minimum wage be $15 an hour (for a business with 11 or more employees) more than twice the national minimum!

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