Pride And Prejudice Criticism Essay

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Criticism: A Way to Get What is Deserved Society is a fluid meaning that it has no fixed shape and takes the form of whatever container it is put into. The only way that this is possible is through criticism; when people in a society are unhappy about their situation, they work together to change the shape. But why go through the trouble of reshaping society? Generally, people who are under-represented, lack social and/or economic status, or are in other ways unequal from the rest of the society’s population, feel very motivated to criticise the society in hopes of bringing about change. Rather than simply accepting a second-class position in society, oppressed members speak up in hopes that others will hear their pleas and call for change. In reaction to the election of the 45th president of the United…show more content…
Today, and throughout all of history, personal wealth has been a large factor on a person’s quality of life. The more a member of a society has to their name, the more influence and status they have in said society. In the book Pride and Prejudice money and property are huge plot drivers. When Lydia runs off with Wickham before getting married (!), Darcy must bribe Wickham with a hefty sum of money to convince him to marry her. If the marriage never occurred shame would be brought upon the Bennett family. Due to old English property laws the Bennett sisters have to each be married off to a wealthy man is to keep their social status. Pride and Prejudice takes place in the early 1800s, and since then property is no longer passed from man to man in a family. For society to change a collective push was made for inequality in money. Women can now manage their own affairs, own their own property, and even vote! Without criticism of society there would be no change, no
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