Essay On Pride And Prejudice

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Basically, I agree with this statement that in the film of pride and prejudice we discuss about power, money and gender relations. Through looking the condition of the society in every characters in the film. There are clear differences between the upper class and the middle class or even the lower class. So that, marriage is become the chance for the women to face their financial difficulties, without hoping the heirs of their parents. The film of pride and prejudice is the right film to see what happened and how the condition of the society during the early 19th century. During the Victorian era, both of the man and woman became the sharp object to be discussed in the history. In the previous history, it’s common for the woman to work with their husband and brothers in their families business. However, in 19th century men have to commuted in the place of their work such as in the office, shop or factory. This make a woman and their children just stay at home to be housekeeper. In pride and prejudice movie is suitable film to be watch for more understanding about how the harmful in 19th century is. The story is based on novel of…show more content…
This situation make women in that era is not valuable, the men in that era is the king in the life. The women have to obey the men. One of the proof is shown in the film of pride and prejudice, through this movie, we can see how the value of women in the society during in the early of 19th century. In this film pride and prejudice we can see how the character of Mrs. Bennet did many thing for her daughter so her daughters can marry the rich people. It proof in the very beginning of the film. When Mrs. Bennet heard the information that there will be a rich guy will come to Neitherfield who have a high fortune in the film
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