Cause And Effect Essay On Pride And Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice It is in man’s nature to associate certain words with different people. Though subconsciously, people are aware that not every person of a particular ethnic group is the same, our fallen and finite minds cannot comprehend that. With the news, political rivalry, terrorist attacks, and cultural differences, the discernible line between black and white in our minds is blurring. Nowadays, mankind, like sheep, blindly follow the sayings of prominent leaders. What causes us to involuntarily stereotype races? Is pride hindering our better judgment, or is it simply the opinion of society? While no event can be singled out as the cause for racial discrimination, the Holocaust plays a main role in society’s problems today. The Holocaust, also known as the Ha-Shoah, was a genocide in which Adolf Hitler ordered the killing of about six million Jews. However, it is often forgotten that the Jews were not the only ones to be subjected to such cruel persecution. Poles, Slavs, and the Romanis (Gypsies) were also subjugated to the same treatment. Sadly, the reasoning behind this savagery was caused by petty personal beliefs and pride. Numerous diverse ethnic groups endured inhumane, scarring affliction for others’ bigotry and narrow mindedness. Adolf Hitler’s egocentric, maniac ideology is one of the main causes for the death of six million…show more content…
German laws banished Jews from the judicial system, medical attention, and the German army (The Holocaust). The Jews were striped of their citizenship and prohibited from intermarrying non-Jewish (The Holocaust). They were denied education and lost their jobs due to discrimination (The Holocaust). If that was not enough, the victims of the Holocaust endured gas chambers, labor camps, and concentration camps where indescribable, barbaric torture took place. Not even innocent, naive children were spared mercy by the heartless
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