Pride And Prejudice Book Vs Movie

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Omar Mokhtar Mrs. Carol Amineddine (English Pre IB 1) 3, Sep 2015 Pride and Prejudice Second Essay There are several differences and similarities between books and their movies. There are many similarities between pride and prejudice book and movie. First, the characters were represented in their similar personalities and physical traits. For example Mrs. Bennet wasn’t very in intelgant in the book and in the movie, and that was clear in her interest of the marriage of her daughters. Her attitude also wasn’t desirable in parties, in which she spoke very loudy, and kept on laughing. She also made many compliments about Mr.Bingley’s furniture, rather than being worried about her sick daughter. She also thought that that her daughter…show more content…
The movie chose a blond actress with white smooth skin, which would be considerd beautiful by both genders. Mary Bennet was solitude. The movie rarely presented her, and even when she was presented she was usually quiete. Elizabeth Bennet was obstinate, independent and confident. Both the book and the movie presented her in such away. When she refused Mr.Collins proposal she was confident from her choice and obstinate, and refusing to do what her mother wanted reflected independence, also she was careful and loving, when she traveled to Netherfield just to make sure that her sister Jane was okay. All those character traits were the same because the story in both the movie and the book wanted to present Lizzie as the focus of the story, also she wasn’t so wise when she judged people through a short time. This trait was the most important between all the characters to present the theme of not judging a book by its cover. Lydia was the stupid one in the book and in the movie as her sister kitty. She was important because she intensted on the theme because her fast choice of Mr.Wickham, she caused a lot of trouple to the people around her. Mrs. Gardiner, Mr. Gardiner, Mrs. Philips…show more content…
However, the introduction was different. The book started by the conversation between Mr.Bennet and Mrs.Bennet. In which they speaking about the arrival of Mr.Bingley. Because the was the first conversation and event that would give the reader the intention about the society. The movie started with Lizzie reading in a book and walking in the garden, and then we see how the house. Then Lydia and Kitty running behind each other, and then a glimbse of the conversation between Mr. Bennet and his wife. At last we saw all the girls standing by Mr.Bennet’s room listening to the conversation about Mr.Bingley. The movie made such a change because it gave the audience wider view of how the family lives, and the setting. Because the setting give us intentions about some characters. The house wasn’t oraganized. That means that Mrs. Bennet isn’t very responsible. The movie makers started with Lizzie only in scene to show that she is the most important character. All other events where the same. Even the dialogs were the same, but some scenes were taken off. For example the scene where Lizzy was going to run to find her uncle, to know about Lydia’s escape was taken off, but then Mr.Darcy stopped her. Some parties where taken off because they didn’t have many important

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