Pride And Prejudice, Present And Present In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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The Pride and Prejudice was written before two hundred years ago and as we know that the writer writes about that by what he is affected or influenced. In a sense the writer presents the essence of his age and era through his piece of writing. But we feel that, with the passage of time evolution occurs, which is followed by advancement in technology, which in turn led to advancement of the world & people. Therefore what was applicable yesterday may not be applicable in present or what was truth yesterday may not be true in present,because each age andits constituents are different from one another. But all this is exception to Jane Austin’s novel i.e. pride and prejudice. Hence whatever Jane shows 200 years ago is still 100% applicable to the present age and its individuals.
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The Jane Austin’s pride and prejudice is actually a female centered novel and it also explores the behavior of men towards women. However the irony is that what Jane revealed through her novel prior to 200 years is still applicable to the present generation, which is incredible. We all have a thought that writer’s writing is based on his age and applicable to his era only. But Jane Austin’s pride and prejudice alters this thought and reveals us its dynamic nature.
Jane begins her novel by showing that how a mother is careful and worried about her daughters marriage in 19th century and also Jane herself called her
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