Pride In A Lesson Before Dying

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Though Jefferson, a man wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to death in A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines, has to stay strong, two men stand out as strong or even stronger, Grant Wiggins and Reverend Ambrose. The two men are some of the best leaders in the community but they have different strengths, and Grant is better able to help Jefferson meet his unfortunate death. Throughout A Lesson Before Dying Reverend Ambrose and Grant Wiggins are some of the best leaders in the Quarter. The Reverend is a leader to all that are in pain or otherwise troubled. According to the Reverend, “I know my people. I know what they gone through.” (Pg. 218) The Reverend shows himself to be the man that is confided upon. The Reverend seems…show more content…
Grant does this by going to Jefferson and talking about the small things, like asking “‘Do you like fruit, Jefferson?’ I ask him. ‘I can pick up some fruit- and some pecans. Ice Cream? Funny books? Things like that.’” (Pg. 170) He does this and is immediately able to connect with Jefferson. This action helps Jefferson start along the path to knowing who he is and why he will die. Grant shows his strength in connection in this, which is something the Reverend just doesn’t have. The Reverend just tries to do what he thinks will save Jefferson’s soul. This might be a noble cause, but it has no effect with Jefferson, when you are “...go’n talk about God.” (Pg. 214) you lose sight of who you are saving. The Reverend does not even possess the strength to try and connect. In the end, Jefferson does what Grant had told him to do, walk. Grant was told that "'He was the strongest man in that crowded room, Grant Wiggins,'" (Pg. 253) after Jefferson walked to the chair. Grant is the man who can make a man who had been wrongly convicted, called a hog by his own lawyer and sentenced to death decide that he will walk to the chair, proud of who he
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