Pride In Antigone By Sophocles Greek Tragedy

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When you are a part of a family there is an unbreakable bond between you and your family members. A sense of duty and responsibility to care for one another, watch out for one another, and never ever turn your back on your family no matter what. In Sophocles’ Greek tragedy, “Antigone” Antigone is the family member that has been given the choice, to be loyal to her family and what she feels is right or submit to the laws of the state and go against everything that she holds dear. Antigone is a tragic hero who is bold enough to go against even the head powers of the state.
Antigone is very strong willed and stubborn, she holds to what she believes with an iron grip. This strong will is the cause for her rebellion against the power of the state and has caused her to even go against some of her own family in order to uphold her values and respect another side of her family. Antigone’s dedication to her brother ultimately ends in her death and the destruction of Creons rule, but this does not stand in her way of doing what she believes in her heart is right. This devotion to
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Pride was also the demise of her father Oedipus. Antigone does not just out rightly defy Creons law, but she mocks it when Creon asks her if she was aware of his edict she cries "Of course I did”. This shows that Antigone knows full well that she has broken Creons edict and she is also not afraid to tell Creon himself of her actions. Antigone holds firm to the belief that she has acted based on the law of the gods with disregard for state law. Antigone also accuses Creon of being a fool to judge her for honoring the gods. "If my actions strike you as foolish, lets say I’ve been accused of folly by a fool” (523-25). Pride may cause even the greatest of leaders to struggle and while to a certain extent pride can be beneficial it gripped Antigone so strongly that she was blinded to any other views and it resulted in her
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