Morals Over Pride In 'The Case Of Lady Sannox'

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Morals over Pride What does it mean to have good morals, what is the deciding factor from good to bad? How does one define their own intentions? Are choices what define someone? Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story, “The Case of Lady Sannox” is based in England and follows Dr. Douglas Stone a renowned master at his craft who is deeply fallen for a married lady, Lady Sannox. The repercussion of one 's decisions is exemplified in Doyle’ story, Which message traversed time. Doyle’s very descriptive in how he describes each character being introduced into the story. He portrays the Dr. Douglas Stone as a very prideful man. “In surgery none could follow him. His nerve,his judgement, his intuition, were things apart. Again and again his knife cut away death, but grazed the very springs of life in doing it, until his assistants were as white as the patient.” (Doyle 1) The reputation of Dr. Stone is made clear, allowing the reader to already make inferences about the characters overall demeanor. The reader was led to believe that the Doctor is of a exclusive caliber and therefore liked, however that is not the case. “…show more content…
The Turkish man was deceptively disgusting in how he physically scared his wife, speaking of, the wife blatantly cheated on her husband without any forthought. Choice is the recurring theme here. However Dr. Stone is the most scrutinized, letting one’s pride and reputation destroying what he cared about the most. “ You have had personal experience of this poison?” he asked. “I have.” “And you assure me that an operation is Needful.” “I swear it by all that I hold sacred.” “The disfigurement will be frightful.” “I can understand that the mouth will not be a pretty one to kiss.”(Doyle 7) The doctor understands the the information being given and is willing to yet again continue out of a state of pride, choice is being echoed a thousand

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