Pride In Into The Wild

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From time to time, people think they know everything to know. People who think they know everything and do everything their own way are very prideful. Pride is a tricky thing because it can lead to failure or even the loss of something valuable like family and sometimes even life. In Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild, the main character Chris McCandless takes great pride in doing things in his own way and not caring if he takes people out of his life forever. Chris changes his name and does not want anyone to know who he really is. Chris just wants to be completely separated from his family and their life. Chris leaves his parents without saying a word to them: “By the beginning of August 1990, Chris’s parents had heard nothing from their son since…show more content…
Chris writes about how he is living in a bus and that he makes it into a living space for him. He finds the bus that was fully equipped to fit his needs: “It was outfitted with a bunk and a barrel stove, and previous visitors had left the improvised shelter stocked with matches, bug dope, and other essentials” (Krakauer 163). He finds a nice living space to live in while in Alaska. He sees the bus, equipped with his needs, as his new home for a while: “He decided to lay over for a while in the vehicle and take advantage of its crude comforts” (Krakauer 163). He takes advantage of the bus and its equipment. Chris really enjoys writing about his hunting success. Chris has huge success in his hunting on June 9: “June 9, he bagged the biggest prize of all: ‘MOOSE!’” (Krakauer 166). He catches the moose and it is one of bigger successes in hunting. On June 14, failure has come to McCandless: “June 14: ‘Maggots already! Smoking appears ineffective. Don’t know, looks like disaster. I now wish I had never shot the moose. One of the greatest tragedies of my life”’ (Krakauer 167). He tries to use a technique he learns from hikers in another state on how to cook the moose but it ends up in a complete disaster. This is his third and final step towards complete destruction towards himself because of his pride in taking over the bus and how good he does at
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