Pride In The Tragedy Of Oedipus The King

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There is the state of being prideful, and then there is blindness and pride. Those two do not go together, those have brought upon the downfall of many people. One of those includes the fictional character of Oedipus, Oedipus the King was a tragedy written by Sophocles. In the book, it is foretold to Oedipus that he will kill his father, and marry his mother. He denies the fact that it is impossible, till it is thoroughly pointed out to him that it has happened. After that, he no longer is king and is taken from his throne. His downfall was brought upon him from his excessive pride; he is so full of pride throughout the book that he continually denies that anything bad can happen to him. It is written like this in order to show that being to conceit, and believing that it horrible things can’t happen to people, will make people blind to when it does happen. When Tiresias the blind prophet come to Oedipus to bring him the prophecy, Oedipus is too prideful to see what Tiresias is trying to say. Tiresias says “…You bear your burdens / I'll bear mine. It’s better that way” (364-365). In this situation, Oedipus believes that the prophecy can in no way have an effect on him and goes on to torture the prophet for the answers. Then he proceeds to believe that it can’t be true, it can’t be him when Tiresias says it is. This leads to his downfall…show more content…
He believes that he is bullet proof. Throughout the whole book, he was ignorant to the fact the prophecy could have evolved him. Then he was also so prideful that he killed a random group of travels on the road who happened to be his father, completing the words of god. Then he is so prideful that he is ignorant to the fact that all the misfortune has already happened to him. All these factors brought are caused by him being so prideful in himself. If it he would have seen through his pride and saw the fact that he is not just a king, he is the disease in the

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