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Pride when considered as a vice, is frequently named as vainglory or vanity. Pride also means an inordinate self-esteem. Human psychology diagnosed pride as the main human problem as lack of belief in a self’s true worth which results to low self-esteem. That is why, most people are prideful because they consider themselves as unlovable and worthless, which is a sign of low self-esteem.
3. Greed – it is also called as Avarice which is a too much pursuit of material belongings
Greed is an emotion described as a ravenous longing especially for power, status and wealth. As a psychological concept, greed is similar to an uncontrolled desire to acquire more than one need. A possibility of a person’s greed is due to deprivation such as basic survival
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It is just a normal feeling which involves an emotional reaction and strong uncomfortable response to an aggravation. It often shows that a person’s basic boundaries are being dishonored. However, some people react to anger through violent response.
William DeFoore who is a writer about anger-management described anger as a pressure cooker; because we can only apply stress anger against a specific period of time until it explodes. Anger may have physical signs and symptoms such as high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, noradrenalin and levels of adrenaline. In some perspective, anger is an emotion that initiates the flight or fight response in the brain of a person. The English term of wrath originally comes from an Old Norse language term which is Anger.
The outside appearance of anger can be seen in body language, facial expressions, public acts of violence and physiological responses. If anger cannot be controlled, it will have many physical and mental consequences that sometimes can have a negative effect to personal and social well-being. Most psychologists described anger as a natural, mature and primary feeling that all humans experienced and has a useful value for survival means.
7. Sloth – refers to the too much laziness or the disappointment to act and use one’s ability and

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