Pride, Wrath, And Greed In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is an epic poem written by Homer. It is about Odysseus’ journey back to Ithaca and the hardships he faced after winning the Trojan war. The deadly sins are the capital vices of the church. All sins are a combination of these seven actions. The Odyssey have many underlying themes, one of which is the deadly sins. The deadly sins Pride, Wrath, and Greed are vital to the plot and progression of the story. Pride is one of the main things that plagues Odysseus throughout his journey. At times his arrogance and pride gets the better of and causes a massive conflict. One of the worst moments where his pride got the better of him when he blinded Polyphemus and escaped. He was pride of the trick he pulled and began to mock him. He revealed his identity when he said “... Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye: Laertes, whose home is on Ithaca”. (3.459-60). Revealing all of this vital information would allow Polyphemus to pray to his father, Poseidon to curse Odysseus and make him lose all his men and have hardships when he returns home. This decision Odysseus made will affect the course of his journey for the worse. The last deaths in Odysseus’ crew was when they were starving. He told his crew not to eat the Sun Gods. Eurylochus had too much pride to die of famine so he said to the crew “... All deaths are hateful to us, moral wretches, but famine is the most pitiful, the worst end a man can come…show more content…
The deadly sins caused Odysseus a lot of time and got him in trouble throughout the journey. His pride caused his entire crew eventual demise. Wrath is present throughout the entire poem, it causes many people to die and lose valuable things such as time. Greed is an underlying tone because everyone is looking for a way to increase their wealth, happiness, or supplies in any way possible. These 3 deadly sins caused most of the poem’s conflicts. This poem is greatly associated with the deadly sins. They are what made Odysseus; journey so complicated and
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