Primal Fear Analysis

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The stars of the Primal fear are Richard Gere, Edward Norton. Laura Linney Frances Mcdormand, John Mahoney , Alfre woodard, Maura Tierney , Steren Bauer , Andre Braugher, Terry Quinn, Joe Spano, Stanley Awderson, Jon Seda, Tony Plana, Reg Rogers, Kenneth Tigar, Azalea Davila, Brian Reddy, Lester Hot, Mike Bacarella, Wendy Cutler, Diann Burns, Joseph Kosala, Linda Yu, Mary Ann, Randy Salerno, Andy Shaw, Randall Slavin, Christopher Carroll , their names in the movie are Aaron Stampler, Martin Vail, Janet Venable, Molly, Shaughnessy, Shoat, Naomi Chance, Joey Pinero, Tommy Goodman, Bud Yancy, Abel Stenner, Archbishop Rush, Alex, Martinez, Juck Connerman, Weil, Linda, Woodside, WBBM Anchor , Cop , WLS Anchor , WGN , Young Boy, M.c., the director Gregory Hoblit. The movie was released April 3 , 1996, well the main storyline is in 1985 happened a crime scene , and sexual abuse with his girlfriend and killed her and the one who forced him was the one who was he calling him as his father , the suspect name is Aaron Stampler he have been committed of killing his girlfriend, and having a sexual abuse because of what he was call him his father , he forced him to do that illegal thing that made him have a mental health issue , and forget his memory . The first main character is Aaron Stampler is the crime who has been suspected because of killing his girlfriend and have a sexual abuse with her , the second character is Mr Martin Vail , he was the attorney for Mr Aaron

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