Primark Case Study

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HR Practices of Primark
Primark is clothing retailer from Ireland which has operations in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom and soon the United States. The company was founded and has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. It has around 51,250 employees worldwide as per the latest estimates.
HR Management in the 21st Century: Challenges for the Future
Recruitment and development: One of the most important challenges facing global organizations in the 21st century is building the ability to attract, recruit and retain the best talents amidst huge competition with competing organizations. In order to do so the company must create an environment where everybody enjoys working and using their
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The reason is that they need to be open-minded to adjust and thrive in different cultures and adopt local customs and integrate them with global organizational policies in order to achieve the highest levels of success. This situation even extends to HR practices, as different countries follow different policies when it comes to recruitments, referrals, benefits, holidays, promotions, communications etc. So Primark will have to adapt to these localized requirement while upholding its original principles in order to thrive in the global business world. Additionally Primark must also learn how to achieve the best results from a diverse workforce where members vary in terms of race, ethnicity, culture and…show more content…
• Cost: Adapting high level of technology in an organization requires large amounts of money.
• Security concerns: As hacking is becoming more of a common phenomenon, data stored in HR systems is facing larger risk of being exposed or misplaced.
Recruitment and Selection Process
Recruitment Process
External vacancy: The Search and Apply page on Primark website leads to a number of search criteria which can be used to find the job the candidate is looking for. The applicant can apply to as many vacancies as he wants.
Internal vacancy: Existing employees of Primark can use intranet to apply for their preferred jobs online.
Screening Process
Confirmation mail: The applicant has to answer a number of questions during applying. This is part of initial screening. Once application is received, Primark sends out confirmation email to provided address within 48 hours.
Initial screening: If the application is successful, or Primark finds the profile attractive, the information is held at its system for a relevant amount of

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