Primary Care Approach In Health Care

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1. INTRODUCTION This is an essay of primary health care and change, this essay is based on obstacles faced in implementing primary health care approach in health care system. The main focus of this essay will be written about the obstacles or other word the challenges to implementing primary healthcare, what can be done in order to overcome this challenges or obstacles. In addition this this repot will be highlight the definition of primary health care, brief discussion about the principles of primary health care, the importance of implementing primary healthcare in an community or a country. However , before commenting about the definition of primary health care its’s important to know what is health, According to the WHO (1940) Constitution…show more content…
Rather than the curative care the approach this approach will be focusing both the curative as well as the prevention of the disease before an individual get a diseases. On the other hand this approach is a community based so every individual participation is important in order to sustain the primary health care approach so this can Leeds better health and well been of the community. One single primary health center can provide Wide range of services to the community which will be affordable to the…show more content…
In 2008 world health assembly the director general of world health organization have mention that “the return to primary health care as an approach for strengthening health systems in order to ensure adequate access to health services (Chan, 2008).” However, to implement the primary health care approach the government and other sectors need to work in hand to and with each other. The community needs to give good commitment to the primary healthcare officers in the community or the people who are responsible for implement this approach. The primary health care approach is a important approach set by the World health organization in order to increase the health and well been of the world communities. On the other hand it’s important to evaluate and monitor the system in order to check whether the basic principles of primary health care system is followed in the community as per as the Alma- Ata declaration so that the obstacles faced can be

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