Primary Causes Of The French Revolution

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One of the direct causes of the French Revolution was the incapability of the Royal Treasury in resolving its problems. The fiscal crisis of 1786 worsened the situation since France had been living beyond its means since seventeenth century. The unique features and hostile reactions provoked by the fiscal system of the state during the Ancien Regime were also responsible for the French Revolution. Another major reason for the French Revolution was bankruptcy of the state due to conflicts between the Monarchy and nobility to rule out the tax reforms, which were detrimental to the progress of the state. Furthermore, there had been an increase in social antagonism between the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy. Louis XVI’s inefficiency to resolve the problems emerging in the state and economic hardships as a result of the 1788-89 agrarian crises also generated discontent in the state due to shortage of food. The French Revolution ultimately emerged when certain groups of the state challenged the monopoly of the government as they felt that the authority is no more loyal and legitimate. The French Revolution, which lasted from 1789 to 1799 led to various accomplishments. It resulted in the formation of two distinct models of government, such as the representative and authoritative government. The revolution also contributed towards a stronger and centralized state, and an effective and intrusive administration. It led to the abolishment of fiscal privileges, internal tariffs and
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