Primary Colors: Film Analysis

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During a political campaign, money, votes, and the public can manipulate candidates. A campaign can transform a person entirely, from a good-hearted individual to a corrupted, conceited individual in a matter of months. The films Election and Primary Colors had candidates who did change in some way during the campaign and/or pre-campaign. In Election, Tracy Flick is one of the main characters and only candidate in the run for student body president until she faces unexpected competition. Paul Metzler is her late-coming opponent, the football star at school, and is more popular and gets what he wants without working that hard. He is an honest, humble candidate who is true to himself throughout the campaign. In Primary Colors, Jack Stanton was…show more content…
It showed how campaigns ruin an individual’s ability to continue to do what is right and not deviate off their set principles in life. Tracy Flick with the tearing down of the posters, and Jack Stanton with the information about his opponent. Both are acts not within their character, and one cause of this change may have been the campaign. In Bulworth, Jay Bulworth is a very unique candidate, who has a huge exaggeration of a change in the film. Any individual who wants to be reelected wants to run just as great, or even greater of a campaign to win the election as they once did. However, Bulworth did not, he spoke about exactly what he wanted to talk about to whomever he wanted to talk to. A liberal who later is accused of being conservative politician, despises his life and job. He lost millions of dollars in the market and has no sense of hope for the future. He then signs a lucrative deal with a life insurance company which will give huge amounts of money to his daughter. One clause is that if he commits suicide, the deal will be voided and no money shall be given to the
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