Primary Education In The Philippines Essay

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In January 1901, free primary education was given and a school for Filipino teachers who were willing to teach and the recruited trained teachers in America was established. Americans gave bright young Filipino students opportunity to enroll in higher education in American colleges and universities. Filipinos came to be known as the pensionados because they government financed free education to the Filipinos. Hundreds of Filipinos was able to study in the US until 1928. As Filipino children wanted to study, they have enrolled to public and private schools. As education continue to receive from the Commonwealth, President Quezon established National Council of Education. Under the Commonwealth, the vocational courses and adult education were focused. The common national language was also focused to be developed. To help the problem of cultural influence of Americans among the Filipinos, President Quezon greatly encouraged the revival of native culture and the most desirable Filipino Values. As the Japanese colonized the Philippines, Nippon-go was taught to the Filipinos and made it the common language in the Philippines. Japanese cultures were also taught in schools as they want to change the culture of the Filipinos. Today, the most fundamental objective of…show more content…
However, attendance of kindergarten is not a prerequisite for the enrollment of first grade. Primary education in Saudi Arabia lasts 6 years and children who are in the age of 6 are in the first grade of primary education. All the primary schools in Saudi Arabia are day schools and are only same-sex schools. In order to enter 7th grade children must pass the examination test given to students. Intermediate education in Saudi Arabia lasts 3 years. And higher education in Saudi Arabia lasts four years in the field of humanities and social sciences and those who are in the engineering field. medicine, and pharmacy lasts up to 5

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