Primary Issues Facing Walmart

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Part-A Q.1. Identify the primary issues facing Walmart. Should Walmart have been able to anticipate the issues it now faces? Ans: Walmart was established by Sam Walton in 1962. In 2005, around 5482 stores were operated in 16 countries and engaged 1.3 million associates in the United States and became the second largest employer after the federal government. Walmart was criticised on the various grounds out of which primary issues were as follows: 1. Spoiling the environment 2. Kicking out small as well as big traders out of business 3. Providing insufficient health care aids 4. Detrimental effects on the culture small towns. 5. Breaking the labor laws, inequitable treatment to workers. However, in the past as well as present Walmart is being…show more content…
For example, in many of cases, Walmart was held responsible by the court. b. What role will government institutions play? Ans. Government plays a very significant role in the settlement procedure of the Walmart. They exercise their vetoing legislation power to compel Walmart to participate in the initiatives like health insurance benefits to its employers and many other initiatives. The municipal government also played an essential role to expand the Walmart stores at international level. 4a. How effective has Wal-Mart’s strategy been in addressing the pressures on the company? Ans. Since 1990’s Walmart has made various alterations in its policies and practices such as lunch break policy, hiring illegal and child labor.These policies were very effective and helped Walmart to overcome its negative image in the society and observed as a big helping hand in providing support to the Americans.Moreover, efforts taken during the Hurricane Katrina helped the Walmart to maintain its goodwill in the society. b. How will the likely resolutions of these issues affect Wal-Mart’s ability to execute its market…show more content…
To improve this condition Walmart brings a hike in their prices. It provides the employment opportunities to retired or part-time student employees with medical coverage.Walmart, not only provides assistance to the insiders, but they also take care of the environmental issues. The company evaluated the packaging of products it sold and reduces the packaging as well as shipping cost. In such a way Walmart did a lot that’s why it has become the one-stop shopping. But, the only this thing left at that time was to provide the other things than groceries, such as auto insurance, clothes, pets, recharge facility etc. however, at present Walmart is offering all such services to its

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