Primary Source Documents In Puritan New England

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A primary source document is given in the perspective of the participant or the observer. With primary source documents, the researcher can understand as much as he or she can about what happened during that historical time period or event. Some primary source documents include diaries, journals, interviews, memoirs, records of organizations, published materials, and photographs. The children in Puritan England must learn how to write and read so that they can be informed about the principles of religion and the capital laws of the country. The Puritans believed that being literate was very important considering it leads to knowing and understanding more of their religion and the laws. As a result, those aspects would let those who are not Puritans or those…show more content…
The Puritans really want its people and their children to be able to read and write to the point where those in charge even want the parents to teach them if they don’t have the money to have a tutor for their children. When some families didn’t follow the Massachusetts School Law of 1642, a second law had to be made in 1647 just to enforce the importance the education. The law forced towns with fifty or more families to have someone teach the children how to read and write. As a result, the parents or masters of the children would have to pay for that fee. In towns with a hundred or more, there would be a grammar school. Additionally, those families that don’t make their children go to this school would have to pay 5 pounds until they do it. Another value of Puritan New England is religion. The Puritans in England believe that the Church of England was very corrupt. As a result, they decided to flee to the New World. There, they tried to enforce their own beliefs that revolved around church ceremonies and practice where there would be the availability of Biblical sanctions and elevated priests. The Puritans also tried to reform the world to conform to God’s
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