The Factory Girl's Last Day Primary Source

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There are three types of sources that an individual may encounter while researching which includes primary sources, secondary sources, and tertiary sources. However, primary sources are used for many different fields of study. Primary sources are original pieces of written information that are not altered through interpretation and are from the time that certain events have occurred. As a result, primary sources can have numerous benefits and drawbacks for a researcher. For example, poem fragments by Lowell mill women serves as a primary source revealing the life of mill women who came to the United States during the Industrial Revolution to work in textile corporations in Lowell, Massachusetts. One of the benefits of using a primary source is to be able to experience the human conditions and gain a better understanding of the human events of a certain time period. For example, as stated by Michael Sadler a factory reformer revealed the life of a factory girl in his poem The Factory Girl's Last Day. This poem is a primary source written during 1832 that allows the readers to imagine and experience what the poet was feeling at that time period. While the poet states, “While on the ground she lay…. There tender hearts were sighing” (Fragment 1) allows me the reader to picture in my mind about what…show more content…
By reading the poem I was able to understand the time period better and actually view the events like they were actually occurring right now. However, as a reader and a historian I could not necessarily rely on the poems because the poets may have faced great obstacles when writing which may have effected there writing. This primary source allowed me to learn a lot, in which I am able to learn the values of primary sources and how I should use it while researching and how I should avoid it during other research that may seem
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