Primary Sources Of Energy Essay

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A) Answers following questions with 3-4 lines only. 1. Classify the types of the energy available on the earth? Answer: Energy is the important for the development of any country. Energy can classify into following type. a) Primary energy and Secondary energy Primary energy sources are available naturally. Like renewable and non-renewable energy source. And the primary energy sources are directly converted into secondary for industrial use. b) Commercial And Noncommercial energy Some of energy source is used for commercial purpose. And the energy taken from firewood by rural community is like noncommercial energy. c) Renewable and non-renewable Renewable energy is the energy used again and again. Non-renewable energy source is exhaustible. 2. Briefly mention about primary sources of energy? Answer: The rule of energy is we cannot…show more content…
What is greenhouse gas effect? Answer: Greenhouse gas effect is a natural process which warms the earth surface. The sun energy reaches at atmosphere of earth some of energy absorbed by earth and some is reflected back in atmosphere. The reflected energy is get re-radiate, which warms earth surface. The greenhouse gases are methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, water vapour etc. The absorbed energy warm earth surface and atmosphere. This process maintains earth temperature at 33 degrees Celsius. Due to human activity the greenhouse gases are goes to increase, because of these activities the temperature of earth is increasing. Hence the timing of all seasons are changing. It has much dangerous to ecology. B) Answer following questions in detail. 1. List the strategies for better energy security of the nation? Answer: The development of any country is basically depending on energy consumption. Dependence for energy on other country effects on economic conditions. So it’s important to have self-generating

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