Primary Sources Of Social History

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Intro To World History Hand In Questions
Social History:
Social history helps us in many ways to understand our past. Social history used to be used as a form of propaganda, which is information that is usually biased and used to promote a particular cause or point of view. Social history was also used by those in power to explain why they deserved to have the power and how they came to hold their position. It was also used to make people proud of their tribe, religion and/or country and to distinguish between groups of people, often as a way to prove that one group was superior to the others. Today, much more attention is being payed to social history than before. Today, social history is the story of everyone and everything and not just the powerful people and wars. Social history is a broad branch of history that studies the experiences of ordinary people in the past. Women, men, crime, family, marriage, food, work and schools are all things that are
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A primary source is anything that existed at the time that is being researched. Primary sources help us understand the past because they show us the view point of a person who was there. Using this type of source can also show you the thoughts and feelings of someone at the time being researched. Three examples of primary sources are diaries, photographs, and autobiographies. Diaries are a good example because they were written by a person experiencing something at the time being researched. Photographs were taken at the scene, which means that they are a primary source because they are evidence of something that happened that was created at the time. An autobiography is an account of someone 's life, written by the person it is about. Because it was written by the person it is about, it means that it was written before the person died, making it a primary source. Primary sources are often incomplete or biased, as are secondary

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