Primo Levi's Incarceration

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The reason why the definition of losing humanity is so wildly ranged is because losing humanity means losing oneself. A person slowly begins to forget who they are and what they believe in. We saw this with a SS soldier and how he was raised in a way not to degrade people, but followed society and murdered hundreds of innocent people. It can now be seen among the prisoners, as they forget what it is like to be treated as an individual as they are “deprived of everyone he loves, and at the same time his house, habits, his clothes, in short, of everything he possesses: he will be a hollow man, reduced to suffering and needs, forgetful of dignity and restraint, for he who loses all often loses himself.” (If this is a Man, 33). In If this is a Man by Primo Levi focuses on different people her met throughout this incarceration and how they helped him maintain his humanity, even though everything was against them to maintain it. In this book, Primo Levi writes about his…show more content…
One of those characters is Lorenzo. Lorenzo is a civilian Italian worker in the Ke-Be. Levi says that Lorenzo 's "humanity was pure and uncontaminated" and that because of him he "managed not to forget that [he himself] was a man" (If this is a man, 128). Lorenzo would smuggle in Levi soup and even sent a post card to Primo family back in Italy. Primo Levi gives a lot of credit to Lorenzo for his survival and for him maintaining his humanity. But for Lorenzo the reader sees how unselfishly he heled a person who he did not know, even though if he was caught the punishment would be ghastly. Levi said that his pure intentions gave him hope that humanity of people outside the camp still existed and hope that one day he may exit the camp and become a free man once

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