Primordial Soup Hypothesis Essay

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The scientists who are involved in the primordial soup hypothesis are A.I Oparin of Russia, J.B.S Haldane which was English, Stanley Miller, and Harold Urey. The year the scientists came up the with the primordial soup hypothesis was 1920. The claim that they were making that the origins of biomolecules was from a warm ocean that was supposed to happen about 3.8 billion to 3.55 billion years ago. The evidence that was presented by these scientists were that life came from the ‘’organic soup’’ that was created by with the help of lightning, but the first living organisms from this idea would be heterotrophs. The only way for the heterotrophs to survive was to eat other organisms which were back then autotrophs. A well-known experiment was…show more content…
The scientist Cairns-Smith first came up with the community clay hypothesis in 1982. He then claimed that the hypothesis was that molecules were put in layers carefully and copied each other. There was evidence that some of the layers that some of the layers of clay were created faster than others and some would dry out of clay faster than others. The reasoning that the scientists gave about the community clay theory was that the clay was very similar to nucleic acid and that they can work with proteins that stay on their surface.
The scientists who were involved with the panspermia hypothesis are Benoit de Maillet, Jons Jacob Berzelius, Lord Kelvin, (William Thompson) Francis Crick, Leslie Orgel, and Anaxagoras. The year that the hypothesis was created is 1743 by Benoit de Maillet. The claim of the panspermia hypothesis was that everything started out like seeds that fell from space and then falling into the ocean. The reasoning behind the panspermia hypothesis was that a meteorite blasted off from Mars about 15 million years ago that was found in Antarctica that supported the theory that life started out from

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