Primrose: Sovereignty In The US

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Sovereignty The United States is a sovereign nation, however, the town of Primrose is not. A sovereign nation is a nation with its own constitution. Because the United States is sovereign, they are independent from other nations and have the freedom to establish a government. Cities and towns are not sovereign which means that the United States federal government governs and supports the town, the town itself does not have its own government. Primrose should remain not sovereign because the government ensures national security, maintains order, and resolves conflicts for them. We are too small to do all of the normal functions that a regular government does. With Primrose being a very small town, the population is very low. There aren’t enough people to guarantee safety for the rest of the citizens. So if Primrose became sovereign it would be bad because we would not be able to do anything if we were threatened. If Primrose and another territory got into it and the other territory attacked us, we would not be able to defend ourselves. We also wouldn’t be able to afford the gear and equipment needed to protect ourselves. But if we continue to be non sovereign, the government will…show more content…
For the United States, being sovereign is good because of how big the territory is and there are a lot of people that live there. There are more people to ensure national security, it’s easy to provide services for the public good, and it’s a lot easier to resolve conflict. It would be the best decision to keep Primrose non sovereign because the town is so small, which results in a weak government if it was sovereign. Primrose needs as much help from the government that can possibly be given. This will keep the town running more
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