Prince Among Slaves Documentary Analysis

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The filmmakers purpose for “Prince Among Slaves” was to show how slaves were taken away their identities, how poorly they were treated, and to eliminate stereotypes like African Americans not being civilized, educated and religious. In my opinion the film does what exactly was intending to do, because it explains that hard parts Abdul Rahman went through. Also, it said that Abdul Rahman was an intelligent Muslim man, which meant that many African civilizations were more advanced than other colonies at the time, which eliminates the stereotypes. The filmmakers Purpose for “Glory” was to inform the people of a large part of American history good and bad. It tells the story of the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, commanded by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. It showed how the U.S government was undecided about how to use the African American soldiers, which they intended to use them for manual labor at first. In my opinion the film did exactly what it was intended to do which was informing me of what happened and how things went down. On how the government didn’t really fell as if the blacks were ready to actually fight in a battle. They felt as if they were bad people which were the whole opposite they were fighters and well…show more content…
The author is trying to persuade the readers that the best way to talk about race is to acknowledge its importance in shaping American history. That the best way is to learn is from the past mistakes and to learn not to repeat those same mistakes. In my opinion the article did exactly what it was intending to do, in the end it left you thinking about how people always think negatively about race. The author intended for the readers to comprehend that we should leave the past in the past and just acknowledge it as what once happened. That we should learn from our mistakes so we won’t repeat them
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