Prince Bogger Nelson Research Paper

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Prince Boger Nelson was an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor. He was born on June 7,1958, in a small town in Minneapolis, Minnesota . Prince was the second youngest out of all his eight siblings. At a young age , Prince became very intrigued by music. By age ten he was already trying to teach Himself the piano, the drums and even the guitar. Even though age ten was the time for prince to explore music and just be a kid, it also signified a time his parents split up. Prince and his sister, Tyka Nelson split their time between their mom and their dad’s house. But eventually, prince grew tired of the back and forth and ran away from home. During that time he decided to move in with the Andersons,…show more content…
He also changed his name to a symbol, which occurred after the artist declared his former artistic self-dead. He explains how his contract made him feel like a slave and warner brothers was his slave master. However, all of this changed when prince met his former lawyer L. Londell McMillan. L. Londell McMillan worked really hard in finding loop holes in prince’s contract. In 2002, Prince’s lawyer was able to successfully take prince out of his prison sentence and well on the way to a new start. Rising like a phoenix out of the ashes , prince left behind his symbol and took on the name prince. Prince’s life was filled with ups and downs but he still remained true to himself. Prince was a musical innovator and known for his eclectic work, flamboyant attitude, stage presence, extravagant make up and dresses, and also his wide vocal range. Prince was the type of person you could not put in a box. He was different and very unique in his own way. He was the only person I know that can rock a crop top, and still be considered masculine. Prince was a seven time Grammy winner and wrote top hits like “when doves Cry”, “Kiss”, and so on. But after the fame and success, prince wanted to build a family on his own. Sadly, this never really
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