Prince Caspian

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Prince Caspian, written by the divine author C. S. Lewis, portrays a daring adventure and a battle for freedom while characters obtain braveness, courage, leadership, and patience through spiritual instruction. The spectacular setting of this widely known book takes place in the land of Narnia, and the period of time when there were kings, kingdoms and castles, and when battles were fought with swords, catapults and pure skill. Prince Caspian, a remarkable book from C. S. Lewis’s series, The Chronicles of Narnia, affected me in many ways, and caused me to stop and deem through the range of spiritual character traits portrayed, and how I may apply them to my own life. In C. S. Lewis’ Prince Caspian, there includes a protagonist, antagonists,…show more content…
The two characters who I have chosen to compare are Prince Caspian, and the oldest pevelsie sibling, and old high king Of Narnia, Peter. These two characters are alike and different in many ways. A few things they have alike are royalty, courage, leadership, and, age. In the world of Narnia, they are both young men and have come from, or have been appointed royalty. In this case, Prince Caspian is a prince, and Peter was the old high king of Narnia. These two also have numerous counts of courage and bravery, and have both been appointed leadership positions and have led battles, which have displayed their courage and servanthood. However, despite these many things they have in common, these two marvelous characters have some differences. For one, Peter as the old high king of Narnia, has had many experiences and has had much more leadership experience, while Prince Caspian is just starting to become a leader. In the end, these are two divine characters, who both portray numerous abilities and traits and have greatly affected the story. In Prince Caspian, I think the most changed and influenced character is Prince Caspian. He has changed in many ways by the end of the long adventure. He has learned and obtained advice from all of his supporting friends and has used it to improve his leadership and integrity. While leading and planning a battle against his uncle, he obtained
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