Prince Lloyd Research Paper

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Anyway, upon reaching the clearing where the house is located it became abundantly clear to Lloyd that Emil does not like whoever he was talking to. The man is wearing a black uniform with white pinstriping on the collar, cuffs, and shoulder boards; the shoulder boards had three gold stars on them marking him as a high ranking member of whatever military he was part of, along with the three stars there is also two other military patches on the shoulder boards, one Lloyd vaguely recognized as a Prussian patch; not one the Prussian military themselves would wear but, rather marking him and those under him having been trained by the Prussian military and, marking them as having the Prussia’s support. The last patch was all too familiar to Lloyd, it is in the design that Lloyd himself had created when he first started the Rebellion Army, by the look of the man in front of him; along with what little news that he got so far out in the middle of nowhere; Lloyd could tell that his once small Rebellion Army has become a full out military with an unknown but most certainly large force in each branch.…show more content…
Prince was the illegitimate child of Lloyd 's father, Prince’s mother actually meant to name him Alexander but, when she wrote his name on his birth certificate she wrote Prince Alexander Mcleay Eriksen, putting his title in the first name slot on accident. So officially Prince’s title is Prince. Prince, even if he has no claim to the throne unless Lloyd and his sisters die. Prince most definitely took more after their father in terms of looks, he had a diamond face shape, piercing fire red eyes, permanently eighteen physical body, and white hair; Lloyd hadn’t known his half brother was an Evilan and is not sure what to think about that, after all, all of King Frederick 's children have turned out to be Evilans even though the man himself
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