Prince Roger Nelson's Impact On The Movie Industry

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Prince was an artist, musician, actor, record producer, and film director. He was also a huge philanthropist, and had his own fashion sense. In this essay I will examine the life and legacy Prince had on the entertainment industry. I will also examine the impact he had on the movie industry and the women in his life both on stage and intimately. Prince Roger Nelson was born on June 7th, 1958 to John Lewis Nelson and Mattie Shaw in Minneapolis, MN. Both of his parents originated from the state of Louisiana. His father was a pianist as well as a songwriter, and his mother was a Jazz singer. Prince got name his from his dad whose stage name was Prince Rogers. Prince got involved with music at a young age. Prince would watch his mother and…show more content…
He produce his first album in 1978. Prince wrote and produce the whole album with the exception of the song “Soft and Wet”. The track Soft and Wet was co-wrote by Prince and Chris Moon. Prince did all the vocals and played all the instruments. There were 27 different instruments used produce the album. The album got modest reviews. All Music Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote “On his debut album, For You, Prince shows exceptional skill for arranging and performing mainstream urban R&B and funk, but his songwriting remains conventional. Only on the mildly racy “Soft and Wet” does demonstrate a personal touch, but the song is still more of a promise than a fulfillment. While For You isn’t a bad record, it is merely a pleasant one, and it offers very little indication of his talents”. His next album self-titled Prince went Platinum which feature the hit single “I wanna be your lover”, “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad”. I Want To Be Your Lover sold over a million copies and reached no.11 on Billboard top 100 and No. 1 for a week on the Hot 100 singles chart. Price perform both these songs on January 26, 1980 on American Bandstands. The purple one was well on his way to super

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