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Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova of Russia
“I want to believe there will be light, when my journey is ended…” Princess Anastasia’s entire existence changed the world through her tragedy in the bloodiest and the most malevolent actions in the 20th century. Unfortunately, not every individual sees the light when their path has ended; however, Princess Anastasia’s life and legacy has been a tale for many to know as if her journey still lives on.
Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova of Russia (also known as Nastya among many in the palace) was born on June 18, 1901 in Peterhof, a universally known palace in St. Petersburg. She was the youngest daughter of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II, the last ascendant of Imperial Russia, and her mother, Empress Alexandra. Princess Anastasia has three sisters and one brother, Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Aleksey who was heir to the throne. Anastasia was a very fidgety and active child and she was considered the favorite amongst the family.
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Princess Anastasia’s destiny was susceptible to suppositions allowing over 20 women to pretend and claim to be the heir of the Romanova family as Anastasia. The most distinguished imposter as Princess Anastasia was a woman named Anna Anderson (Franziska Schanzkowska), who in the beginning of the 1920’s, did everything in her power to prove herself as the rightful heir of Anastasia’s inheritance. However, the Anderson 's suit was overruled in 1970, and the mystery of the Grand Duchess Anastasia remained unfathomable. Anastasia’s ambiguous whereabouts was a stimulus for many books, plays, and films especially the animated film of 1997 's “Anastasia” produced by 20th Century Fox. This led to the just the beginning of more mysteries and theories that is to come in Anastasia’s
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