Princess And The Frog Analysis

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I never thought once about going to seeing this movie. Personally, I am not a Disney fan at all. First, I thought to myself that no black kid would want to see this movie especially boys. So I had a real hard time watching it, and I could not watch the entire movie. I resented everything about this movie for a lot of reasons. At twenty years old I thought this was a ridiculous assignment who wants or care about a Princess being turned into a frog. Since, I did not watch the entire movie I went and gather information from other sources.
Disney 's Princess and the Frog was released on December 11, 2009 and I was fourteen. The movie tells the story of Disney 's first black Princess, a poor African-American named Tiana. Her mother works as a dressmaker for her best friend 's, a privileged white girls, father. Her friend’s family host a party one night and for Prince Naveen, when a magician turns the Prince into a frog. Prince Naveen convinces Tiana that if she would kiss him, he would turn back into a Prince and he would help her open her own restaurant. Well, after the kiss not only did Prince Naveen not turn back into a Prince, but Tiana was suddenly a frog. The two of them then set out to find a voodoo
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This is the outcome of one Media 's Take on Racism in Disney. Many articles have been written about how Disney 's attempt to make a movie not filled with racism was not successful, and ultimately filled with tons of racial remarks. When analyzing the movie Princess and the Frog there are signs of many racially discriminatory remarks. One of the main problems that surrounds racism in The Princess and The Frog is that fact that the Prince in the movie was white not black. Many people felt that since the Princess was black she should have been accompanied by a black Prince. This was unnecessary to have a white prince since Tiana was black. They could not find a black prince for her like Terrance Howard. I wonder how all the little black boys/girls who
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