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" Fighting. Torture. Poison. True love. Hate. Revenge. Giants... Pain. Death. Brave men. Coward men. Strongest men... Miracles.” These are the kind things you would find in the classic tale of The Princess Bride. You might’ve heard of the story of the princess bride, by William Goldman. Although the princess bride was originally a book it was made into a film in 1987. The book and screenplay have many differences, but they are also similar in many ways.

The book and movie of The Princess Bride are very similar.One similarity is that both versions have a narrator. The narrator in the book introduces The Princess Bride as his favorite childhood book, and he proceeds to retell it in a third person storytelling voice. However, he makes frequent
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An example is how buttercup and westley fall in love. In the book Buttercup and Westley insult one another and disagree on who is considered to be smart. Buttercup is not treated like she is an intelligent girl by Westley and she treats him in the same manner. The movie doesn't focus as much on Westley and Buttercup taunting each other as the first scenes of the film revolve around Buttercup and Westley love for one another . Within the first chapter of the book, the Countess and Count arrive at Buttercup's family farm. The Countess is attracted to Westley, which makes Buttercup jealous, therefore starting Buttercup and Westley’s love affair. At the beginning of the film, Buttercup and Westley are shown falling in love.The whole introduction to the story is rushed compared to the book, which uses roughly 30 pages to describe how they fell in love. Another difference between the two versions can be found in the kidnapping scene. In both adaptations Buttercup attempts to escape by diving into the dark water. In the book, Vizzini lures the sharks with his blood to scare Buttercup and make her more cooperative . In the screenplay, Vizzini uses eels instead of sharks to torture Buttercup.There are more differences between the book and

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